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After 15 years of successful use in my studio, I now have 9 books published and available to share with other piano teachers! Each one was created to meet a particular need in my teaching and I believe each one offers something unique to teachers.

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Quick Tips for Piano Teachers, A Practical Handbook for Teaching Musicianship and Musical Independence

Quick Tips for Piano Teachers is a handbook organized topically for quick reference and includes sections on articulation, phrasing, practicing, and sight reading and many more. In addition, creative analogies of these concepts are interspersed throughout. Having been tested over many years of teaching, piano teachers using these principles will find their students becoming fluent readers and musically independent.

Instant Organization for Your Piano Studio

25+ Reproducible Forms Forms for all aspects of piano teaching are included with rights to reproduce year after year. Create a Teacher Notebook that helps you keep up with recital plans, tuition payments, tax records, etc. as well as sections for each student with new student information, semester plan sheets and evaluations. Business forms for billing and purchasing music are also included as well as sample Studio Guidelines, Enrollment Agreement, and a number of Studio Ideas.

Folk Tunes in All the Keys with Harmonization, Transposition & Improvisation

Folk Tunes in All the Keys provides a delightful way to address proficiency skills with its 45 beautiful folk melodies from around the world. Students are asked to play and transpose two folk tunes and harmonize two more folk tunes in all the major keys. Melodies are single note and accompaniments are variations of the simple block chord cadence using only I, IV & V chords. At the end of the book 50 one-measure improvisation patterns are given and the student is encouraged to play through the pieces again using one or more of the patterns.

Teaching Articulation: Classical Collection for Piano

Easiest original piano pieces by master composers are presented in a pedagogical sequence that teaches contrasting articulation. The book begins at a reading level of simple counterpoint, and the student is led step by step from parallel articulation to contrasting articulation. Along the way students are given practical tips on pulse, balance and shaping phrases. Each new section of the book is preceded by tips “To the Student” and “To the Teacher,” a special feature providing guidance on the concepts. This volume bridges the gap between the early method books and the style collections. Students completing this book will be ready to encounter the contrasting articulation challenges presented in the many wonderful collections on the market.

Folk Tunes 1-3

Carefully sequenced beginner method focusing on developing fluency in reading. Each new concept is followed by several pieces. Some theory is also incorporated. Folk  tunes provide wonderful melodic content for teaching these carefully sequenced pedagogical concepts. Available as a download at Top Music Marketplace.  

Keyboard Skills Plus! 

Proficiency skills & graduated technique plan. Available as a dowdnload at Top Music Marketplace.

Assignments Plus!

Boxes to check, inspirational quotes, and recital/class reminders. Available as a download at Top Music Marketplace.

Weekly Videos on Social Media

One Teaching Topic - 2 minutes

2-minute videos posted Thursdays incorporating concepts from the Quick Tips book:

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Technique Videos on youtube channel:  Hilda Ryan

Scales • Octaves • Broken Octaves • Arpeggios

For these short technical videos see earliest posted videos on YouTube channel: Hilda Ryan.
Or watch them from this website under Teachnique Videos.

Folk Tunes in all the keys
Folk Tunes in all the keys
Folk Tunes to harmonize & transpose
Folk Tunes to harmonize & transpose
Folk Tunes - Improvisation patterns
Folk Tunes - Improvisation patterns