Hilda Ryan Piano Studio

Christmas Singalong

Here's an idea for your Christmas holidays.  Plan a time with either your immediate family or extended family/friends to gather around the piano and sing some Christmas carols.  Each student in the studio has several carols ready to play and nothing is more satisfying than being able to use your hard work to help others!  

This could be as easy as an impromptu family gathering to sing a carol or two for memory or as fancy as a event with invitations, printed words and refreshments afterwards!  

If others in the family play other instruments, this is an ideal time for some collaborative work!  A violin or flute sounds wonderful playing the melody on one stanza and the alto up an octave on another.  The trumpet is particularly suited for the festive carols like "Joy to the World."  Even the guitar blends in well with the more contemplative carols such as "What Child is This?" or "Away in a Manger."

This is a terrific opportunity for a child with creative leadership skills to plan something special for the holidays--encourage them, be their cheerleader and enjoy making music together as a family this year!