My teaching career began in Greenville, SC where my high school teacher encouraged me to teach a few students in her home.  After earning a Bachelor's & Master's in piano teaching (pedagogy) at USC I began teaching in Charlotte.  I am pleased that a number of my students majored in piano and several are currently teaching piano themselves!

Playing is something I love to share. After accompanying recitals at USC in Columbia, I moved to Charlotte and was active accompanying solo concerts, school and church choirs and voice students. And then there were a few two-piano concerts - what fun those are!

Here in the Junaluska area I am continuing to teach and find playing opportunities.

Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy, USC
Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy, USC
Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, CIU

National Music Teachers Association
North Carolina Music Teachers Association 

Preparing Music Majors
In the past 20 years, I have prepared 10 music majors, 6 of them for piano

Former Students now music professionals
Piano teachers: 11

College music professor/high sch. music teacher: 2

Church music director: 2

Concert artist: 1

Church pianist: 3

My children have learned more in the 1.5 yrs. with Mrs. Ryan than the previous teachers' 6 years!

Student w/full scholarship to Duke
Mrs. Ryan holds her students to a high standard of excellence.  She has taught me lifelong skills and has given me a tremendous appreciation for all things musical.  Mrs. Ryan is a wonderful teacher, understanding and engaging.  

College sacred piano major
I learned more from you than from any other teacher, including college!

Adult student
What we did with this piece was EXACTLY what I had hoped to do musically. What you are teaching me is so much more refined and focused.  I knew taking lessons from you was the right thing to do.

Adult student
I've only been taking for 2 months but it feels like a year I've learned so much!

Adult student
One year ago I didn't know how to begin a new piece.  Now I know how to practice so I learn at home as well as the lesson.