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If you are looking for a Lake Junaluska or western North Carolina piano teacher bravo to you for pursuing music!

My studio is in my home at Lake Junaluska.

I do have openings for 2019-2020 for middle and high school students and would love to hear from you! Contact info is available on the Contacts page.

I have 3 overarching goals I keep in mind every lesson: 1) developing fluent readers, 2) teaching using transferable principles and 3) ensuring that all students have the proficiency skills to play in all keys, harmonize, transpose and improvise a bit.
My husband and I are very excited to be moving into the Lake Junaluska community this summer. We have been here for many vacations and weekends and it is now our dream come true to live here!

I love walking the lake with my dog Bo, reading historical fiction, working with my flowers and travel.
Let me introduce myself...
An overview of my teaching philosophy and my own published materials.
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Hilda Ryan